Best Video Ever Of The Week: Kirk Hammett Knocks Out Little Kid

Posted by on November 15, 2010


Metallica has said in the past how they love watching YouTube videos. Well, now guitarist Kirk Hammett gets to have his own YouTube embarrassing moment. During their show in Sydney, Australia this past Thursday (November 11), Hammett kicked a large black balloon (which the band drops a ton of from the roof at the end of each show) and by accident knocked a kid standing on the side of the stage to the ground. Sadly for Hammett (and lucky for the rest of us), video of the incident has already made its way online.

You can watch the video above (the incident starts around the twenty second mark). You have to feel bad for Hammett in this instance because you know he’s going to get shit for something he never meant to do. Hell, why was there a kid on the side of the stage (lucky bastard)? But the fact that it happened while the band was performing “Seek And Destroy” makes the unfortunate incident even funnier.

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