When it was announced (via a creepy trailer) that Sumerian Records was teaming up with 80’s wrestling legend The Ultimate Warrior for an online series, we weren’t really sure what to expect. All we hoped for was to see the Warrior destroy a couple of bands on the Sumerian roster. Well, our wish came true.

Two new video teasers of the Ultimate Warrior’s show features the wrestler taking Asking Alexandria and I See Stars to boot camp. Those expecting a goofy parody series, though, are out of luck because the Warrior puts the smackdown on each band (especially Asking Alexandria, who decided it was a good idea to drink wine before the work out session). Imagine The Biggest Loser if the trainer was The Ultimate Warrior and instead of overweight people the contestants were metalcore rock stars. And if anyone needs an intense detox program, it sure is Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop.

You can watch the video teaser for The Warrior Show episode featuring Asking Alexandria above, while the teaser with I See Stars can be seen after the jump.