Sumerian Records Team Up With The Ultimate Warrior For New Video Series

Posted by on November 7, 2011


We found it odd when Winds Of Plague revealed that they recorded a track with The Ultimate Warrior. And though we’ve heard “The Warrior’s Code,” and some fans even saw the band perform with the 80’s/90’s wrestling legend on Halloween (we’re still trying to find video of this ourselves), The Ultimate Warrior and metalcore still seems like an odd combo. Yet that isn’t stopping Sumerian Records.

Sumerian Records posted a rather bizarre video of The Ultimate Warrior performing a promo challenging rock bands to join the One Warrior Nation. Shortly after, the record label posted a link to the video on Facebook with the following message:

“Yes, this is REAL.. and yes there have already been two episode tapings of two different Sumerian bands. This isn’t Reality TV.. This is REAL TV. Get Ready… First sneak peak of the show will be released in the next 10 days.”

So Sumerian Records is doing a new online series hosted by The Ultimate Warrior? A bit random, but as fans of old school wrestling, we’re willing to give this a shot. At the moment, it’s unclear as to which bands will actually be featured in this online series. Although, we can think of a handful of bands on Sumerian’s roster that we’d like to see The Ultimate Warrior apply the “Warrior Press Slam” to.

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