Trivium’s Matt Heafy covers Radiohead’s “Exit Music (For a Film)”

Posted by on April 6, 2017

Next month, Radiohead’s third album, OK Computer turns 20. And while this writer thinks it’s one of the best albums of all time, you can go elsewhere to read thinkpieces about the album. However, Trivium’s Matt Heafy has uploaded a cover of him playing the album’s “Exit Music (For A Film)” acoustically. The song’s a  tough one to pull off vocally, but Heafy nails it, and although it might not turn any Radiohead fans into Trivium fans, it’s still well-done and suggests that if Trivium ever wants to follow in the footsteps of their last album’s producer and record an acoustic album, they’ve got the chops and he’s got the range to do so. 

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