This polka AC/DC cover is jaunty as hell

Posted by on November 1, 2016


Every now and then, let’s call it a few times a week now, something pops up on the metal internets that begs to be shared. it could be a dude singing Smash Mouth lyrics over Evanescence, or a trio of kids doing a killer Metallica cover, but there’s always something. Today, it’s The Heimatdamisch, a German polka band. This isn’t Polka Insider, but if you have any appreciation for AC/DC, you’ll enjoy the eight member band’s take on “Highway To Hell.” It starts out not unlike the original, with the vocalist singing an octave below Bon Scott’s original. It really kicks in on the chorus, and really gets super polka-like after the second chorus. It’s hard to say what’s so delightful about this: the guitar player, who’s rocking out as if she’s not in a polka band, the three horn players sitting down the whole time, or the accordion and tuba players. Regardless, it’s delightful and we want these guys playing at our holiday party.

[via theprp]

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