Slayer to unveil new track via Scion AV

Posted by on October 28, 2014

Slayer are still rocking. That’s one of the things Kerry King says about the band in the first of three clips of the band recording a new song for Scion AV. It makes sense the car company partner with the band, as they’ve already made a concept car together. The clip shows the Kerry King and Tom Araya, who’s looking older every time we see him, talking about the band’s incredible longevity. the three clips will lead up to a brand new song.

“There’s no formula, man,” Kerry King says in the clip. “When you think about it, how many people get to do this for 10 years. There’s so many that don’t. And we’re lucky enough to be one of the 30-year groups. Ther’s not very many of those at all. We’re still rocking. I know 35 is within reach, and then we’ll see about 40.”

 “It’s definitely kind of a drug, because we finished that song that we’re sending to Scion,” King says about the recording process. “Until it’s done, we don’t know what it’s gonna sound like. So when you hear it done, you’re, like, this is pretty fucking awesome.”

Of course there’s a bit of product placement, as the two get into Scions and drive away at the end of the clip, but Scion has never been all that hardcore about blatant over the top selling, and many people will be happy to get a brand new Slayer song in exchange for a few shots of Kerry and Tom reigning in xB’s.



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