slayercarScion is one of the sponsors of Slayer’s tour this fall with Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus. “Big deal,” you’re probably thinking to yourself. “There’s corporate sponsors for tours all the time. What are they going to do, make a Slayer car?” Actually, that’s exactly what’s happening. A car being called the “Scion x Slayer Mobile Amp tC” is being designed, and from the way the press release describes the vehicle, it’s going to be wired for sound.

“Frequently cited for its deep influence on other metal bands, Slayer has a look, sound and approach all its own. The band’s aggressive style carries into the tC sports coupe’s exterior look and band-inspired details. Inside, the vehicle has been transformed into a multimedia machine with amps, towers of speakers, a custom mixer and a 32-inch monitor for media playback. Mike Vu of MV Designz is leading the build process.

“Slayer‘s fans are going to be excited when we reveal what a metal-inspired Scion tC looks like,” Slayer guitarist Kerry King said. “Working with Scion has given us another way to reach new audiences and inspire them to keep going down their own paths.”

Given the specs, it seems like it’ll be a concept car with a killer sound system more than something that will make it’s way to the masses. We’re also guessing it’ll have disc brakes, because Slayer have proven they don’t care about drums. The car will make its debut at aftermarket auto convention SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) in Las Vegas from November 4th – 7th. We wouldn’t be surprised if the car made it’s way onto the tour that starts the following week either. Regardless, it’ll look way better than the other Slayer car we’ve seen: