05) Fans continue searching for the identity of “Tortilla Man” 

For those who have some extra time, you should check out the Slipknot feed on Reddit. With that being said, the search continues as Slipknot fans are eager to find the identity of the mysterious percussionist who is currently nicknamed as “Tortilla Man.” For those who are unfamiliar, there is a lawsuit happening between Slipknot and former percussionist Chris Fehn and you can read the latest update here. The group has previously announced Fehn is no longer with the group. However, we’ve been wondering who this new ninth member is since the day the band revealed their new masks. Moving forward, fans have been questioning “Tortilla Man’s” shoe style and now, it appears a Reddit user has discovered an image of the mysterious percussionist’s signature. The apparent first signed photograph of Tortilla man reads: “NG”


Tortilla Man’s first signature has surfaced. Signed “NG” from r/Slipknot

To be or not to be…Tortilla? from r/Slipknot