Ever since the debut of their new press photos in May, fans have been wondering who the mystery ninth band member could be. Now, the band is having some fun themselves in withholding who is under the new guy’s mask.

An image was surfaced on the r/Slipknot subreddit this week showing a close-up of the new second percussionist’s set up, revealing a drawing on his drum head of a man with a question mark over his face with the words “Who is the New Guy?” The photo was posted by user Conflixshuns with the title “They are having a blast with this.” 

Rumors have been circulating that the percussionist, who has been lovingly referred to by some fans as “Tortilla Man” due to the dough-like, blistered appearance of his mask, could possibly be Death Grips drummer Zach Hill. 

The band’s need for a new drummer arose in March when former percussionist Chris Fehn very publicly sued the band, their management and their companies claiming that he was being treated as a “second class citizen” and not being paid his fair share for his contributions. 

Slipknot will release their sixth studio album, We Are Not Your Kind, on August 9. A video for first single, “Unsainted,” was released in May alongside the album announcement. In October 2018, they released a stand-alone single titled “All Out Life.”

Having recently wrapped up a series of European festival dates, Slipknot will kick off their Knotfest Roadshow in Mountain View, CA on July 26. Featuring Behemoth, Gojira and Volbeat as support, the tour will take them across North America before wrapping up September 8 in The Woodlands, TX. From there, the band will have a few more US festival dates before heading to Australia and New Zealand, followed by dates in Ecuador, Mexico City (Knotfest Mexico) and Costa Rica.

They are having a blast with this from r/Slipknot