Rage Against the Machine covered on kid’s toys doesn’t inspire as much rage

Posted by on April 12, 2017

Toy instruments are just fun. Whether it’s nostalgia of playing them as a kid, the appearance of playing an instrument that’s way too big for an adult to logically play, or the fact that they just kinda sound funny, it’s always a blast to see musicians play on kid’s toys. Look no further than Mike Portnoy shredding on a Hello Kitty drum kit for proof. And then there’s Wackids, a French trio that plays toy instruments. They’ve taken Rage Against the Machine’s rebellion anthem “Killing in the Name” and took all the menace out of it. It’s downright adorable, which probably is pissing off RATM enough to get back together. Note that the drummer’s playing on a Spider Man kit, so as to not have Portnoy accuse them of ripping him off. 

[via Metal Sucks]

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