If there’s two things that are guaranteed to be popular with certain subsets of the internet, it’s drummer Mike Portnoy and Hello Kitty. The former Dream Theater drummer is definitely net-friendly, having embraced the internet long before many other musicians have, and DT fans are a whole different level of fanatical (in a good way). Hello Kitty, on the other hand is a whole brand unto itself that was worth $7 billion/year in 2014. So the clickbait geniuses at Loudwire took a break from pitting bands against each other in dopey cage matches to make a clip featuring Portnoy playing “Name That Tune” on a Hello Kitty drum kit.

The clip went viral, as it should have, and struck a chord (or a snare, if you will) enough for Mike to bring out a Kitty kit at a recent Winery Dogs show and beat on it a bit during his solo.  It’s hard to tell who the winner is in this, Portnoy or Hello Kitty. Either way, we’re guessing a father or two came home from this and busted out some jams on their daughter’s toy drum kits.