Pokemon Go theme song already has metal cover

Posted by on July 14, 2016


If you’re anything like most people under the age of 35, you’ve been walking around a lot more than you were two weeks ago thanks to Pokemon Go. The mobile app version of the hugely popular Game Boy game, which is essentially a 20th anniversary update of the original, is more popular than Twitter on Android, and has surpassed Tinder in popularity. And while it’s gotten people robbed, led to the discovery of a body, and gotten people in accidents, it’s also even gotten people laid, apparently. And while it’s a trend that might die down soon, while everyone’s got Pokemon fever (no, not Pac Man Fever), an enterprising guy named omar1up who records versions of video game music has recorded a metal cover of the game’s theme song, so listen to this when you’re walking around.


[via Metal Sucks]


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