GWAR fans and religious protesters engage in a spirited debate

Posted by on November 17, 2014


On Saturday (15) in Spokane, Washington, members of a religious group protested outside GWAR’s show at the Knitting Factory. The group were very specific, stating that Dave Brockie was burning in hell. Someone was on hand with a cell phone and went over to try to debate the religious group. You’re never going to convince a religious group with a megaphone to see the error of their ways, but this guy tried. It should be noted that the group was probably not the Westboro Baptists Church, as they didn’t have any inflammatory statements on the placards they were waving, just your typical Jesus stuff. And while the guy filming was trying to have a rational discussion, the others yelling through megaphones made that next to impossible. We’ve got to imagine that somewhere (hell, heaven, a grave) Oderus Urungus is having a good laugh knowing his legacy lives on through the actions of some religious nuts and fans.

[via theprp]


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