Dave Grohl gives Dave Brockie a shout-out

Posted by on September 18, 2014

GWAR is one of the biggest bands ever to come out of Virginia, but perhaps the state’s biggest musical export is Dave Grohl. Last night (17) The Foo Fighters frontman spoke about his experiences with GWAR and late frontman Dave Brockie while playing in the band’s home town of Richmond. He spoke about seeing the  band play for the first time at an outdoor square. Much like anyone’s initial reaction to the band, Grohl says he thought “what the f**k?” He then went on to talk about the below interview in which Brockie went on a rampage about Grohl at the Grammys. Brockie’s rant, in which he says that Grohl had his teeth removed so he could fit more corporate dicks in his mouth, makes us miss him even more. What’s cool is that Grohl took his rant as “one of the the greatest compliments or non-compliments” he’d ever gotten in his life. He said Brockie would hate that they’d dedicated a song to him. However, a GWAR member was in the audience and recorded the tribute, which they put on their Facebook page. Here’s Grohl’s tribute:

And here’s the interview Grohl was referring to:


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