Gus G. is the fire

Posted by on March 7, 2014


While Ozzy is off in Black Sabbath land, it’s not like his guitarist, Gus G. is sitting idly by. In 2012, his band Firewind released Few Against Many, and he’s got a solo album, I Am the Fire, coming out on March 18th. The title track of the album, which features active rock band Devour the Day, is the album’s first single, and the axeman has released a video for it. Here’s what Mr. G. had to say about the video.

Hey everybody! Check out the brand new video for ‘I Am The Fire’! Filmed both in Sweden and the US, this is a very different performance clip from anything else I’ve done in the past. Devour the Day are some of the most creative musicians I’ve ever worked with, and Patric Ullaeus gave a very cinematic approach to the clip. I hope you dig this! Enjoy!”

Your mileage may vary. If you like commercial hard rock and fire, then you’ll enjoy this video. It’s pretty literal and liberal in its use of fire, and if you’re tuning in just for the guitar solo, it’s perfectly serviceable, but it doesn’t overshadow the rest of the song.

I am the Fire will be out on March 18th on Century Media. Fun fact: Gus’ real last name isn’t G!

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