Dream T heater get geeky with album trailer

Posted by on January 11, 2016


We’re just 19 days away from Dream Theater’s first ever double album, The Astonishing. While they’ve already given us “The Gift of Music,”  that’s only a small part of the over two hours of music that will be on the final album. The concept of the album will unfold over repeated listens,  but for now, the band have released an animated trailer for the album. It either looks like a power metal band got a budget, or a video game has a surprisingly metallic and progressive soundtrack. While it’s really presented like a movie trailer, there’s some pretty cool imagery in the trailer, which we’re imagining will be part of the live show. A little cheesy? Sure, but in the context of the album, it’ll probably all make sense.

The Astonishing will be released on Roadrunner Records on January 29 and can be preordered here.



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