Dream Theater set high expectations with “Moment of Betrayal”

Posted by on January 22, 2016


Powerhouse prog act Dream Theater are at it again. Yesterday, Billboard dropped one of the better new songs of the year (so far). Taken from their forthcoming double album, The Astonishing, “Moment of Betrayal” has a slight power-metal vibe, yet remains true to Dream Theater’s unique sound.

The concept of The Astonishing is a glimpse into a society where people no longer can create music, some 300 years in the future. It details a fight against what does create music, the oppressive Noise Machines, led by a peasant man called Gabriel. As the song opens, the Noise Machines have fallen, leaving Gabriel a prime opportunity to lead a rebellion. Coming in just over six minutes long, this song has a lot of Dream Theater’s signatures – masterful guitar solos and piercing melodies. The only iffy part is just shy of the four minute mark, which sounds oddly like an accordion solo. But it does grow on you. Coupled with the first single, “The Gift of Music,” these two songs have begun to set up an elaborate fantasy world, which Dream Theater fans have no doubt already begun to debate.

The Astonishing drops January 29th via Roadrunner Records. It can be preordered here.



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