The Melvins are never hurting for inspiration. Over the last 30 years, they’ve released 25 albums, a handful of EPs, and have collaborated with countless other bands. On February 24th, yet another Melvins collaboration will see the light of day as Crystal Fairy is released. Featuring Melvins’ Buzz Osbourne and Dale Crover, along with Le Butcherettes’ frontwoman Teri Gender Bender and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of At the Drive In, it’s more of a supergroup than anything, and it seems like it might be more than just a one-off.

The sludge and riffs of the Melvins along with Gender-Bender’s expressive voice and the guitar histrionics of Rodrigues-Lopez is a great combo, as we’ve already heard from the first two tracks “Drugs on the Bus” and  “Chiseler,” and they’ve just released the title track to the album, which will be out on Ipecac. It’s a fun, dynamic and chugging rock song, and Gender-Bender’s voice combined with the riffage might be the best combination of all the band’s members’ individual outfits. And more importantly, it just sounds fun.

Crystal Fairy will be out on February 24th on Ipecac Records and can be pre-ordered here.