Christian Bale talks about drumming to Mastodon, Pantera for ‘The Big Short’

Posted by on January 18, 2016


We haven’t seen The Big Short yet, but would like to. The Academy Award-nominated film takes a look at the housing crisis and stock market crash, and is apparently chock full of metal, thanks to the character Christian Bale plays. Mike Burry, a hedge fund manager, was one of the first people to see the subprime mortgage crisis effecting the housing crisis. Dealing with a stressful job, Burry did what many of us do to relax – by blasting metal. Thankfully, director Adam McKay incorporated that into the film, having Bale learn to play drums to the likes of Pantera and Mastodon. He only had two weeks, and spoke to Screenrant about it:

“It was a wonderful crash course, double kick drum. Pantera, ‘By Demons Be Driven’ – fantastic song to begin with. This is how Mike Burry unwound. This is actually how he calmed down. He would listen to it all day long in his headphones – and not just that, Mastodon as well – but his brain is on fire so much that death metal calms him. He’s a very different individual to most of us.”

Aside from the fact that he made the same generalization about Pantera and Mastodon that The Simpsons did about Judas Priest in saying that they’re “death metal,” it’s pretty cool that he actually learned to play drums for the film, and if it gets a mainstream audience to buy a Pantera or Mastodon album, then his work here is done.

[via Metal Injection]

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