Judas Priest make second ‘Simpsons’ appearance in as many weeks

Posted by on January 13, 2014

simpsonspriestEither The Simpsons writers are smarter than we thought, or it took them no time to realize the error of their ways. As you likely know by now, last week’s episode featured Judas Priest (really just Rob Halford) singing “Breaking the Law” as “Respecting the Law” (don’t ask). They were referred to twice in their brief cameo as “death metal,” which we said via Twitter was “the equivalent of calling The Simpsons a documentary.”

In the opening of this past week’s episode, which aired last night, the always-different chalkboard gag featured Bart writing “Judas Priest is NOT death metal.” Yeah, that seems about right. Maybe all of last week’s episode was written and animated before someone that knew a bit more about music spoke up. Or maybe they knew Priest weren’t death metal but it was the best way to shoehorn Halford into an episode and they decided to make it up to them via a chalkboard. Regardless of how things went down, it was a nice semi-apology for last week, not to mention another reference to the band on prime time TV, which is always good.


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