Watch one of Ghost’s Nameless Ghouls go record shopping

Posted by on October 27, 2015


Amoeba Records is great. Not only because it’s one of the biggest independent record chains out there (it is) and one of an increasingly smaller pool of places to actually buy physical media (ditto), but also because of content like “What’s In My Bag,” in which they invite musicians to browse their store and capture what they pick out for posterity. While members of Mastodon and Liturgy have taken part in the past, this time they garnered another big name. Or a big Nameless, if you will. One of the Nameless Ghouls from Ghost, who sounds a bit muffled, chats about Candlemass, KISS, and Echo & the Bunnymen, as well as a book and the film Zardoz, a 1974 science fiction flop that features Sean Connery looking most un-Bondlike.

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