Pantera gets shout out at the Academy Awards ceremony

Posted by on February 29, 2016

panteraEarlier this year, we found out actor Christian Bale got himself into some good ol’ heavy metal for his role in the Academy Award-nominated film The Big Short. The film was nominated for many awards this year and one of the categories it won was the “Best Adapted Screenplay” which during its listing at the Oscar’s last night (February 28th), it mentioned the iconic band Pantera.

As we reported before, Bale had to learn to play drums for his role as Mike Burry, a heavily stressed out fund manager who was one of the first people to see the subprime mortgage crisis effecting the housing crisis. To cope with the strenuous routine, Burry learned to play drums to relieve some of that stress and blasted some metal like Mastodon and Pantera. You can check out the mention at the ceremony below:

[via theprp.com]


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