Last week, in a somewhat emotional statement, Italian progressive metal band Ephel Duath split up with frontman Davide Tiso saying the band “needs to die.” It turns out that their death was short-lived. While that band is kaput, Karyn Crisis’ Gospel of the Witches has formed with Tiso and his wife Karyn Crisis, who’d been in Ephel as well, joining forces with guitarist Mike Hill from Tombs, Immolation bassist Ross Dolan, and drummer Charlie Schmid of Vaura rounding out the band. Their debut album, Salem’s Wounds, will be released on March 10th on Century Media, and the band are streaming a new song, the dark and haunting “Mother.” No, it’s not a Danzig cover, but it is a six-minute long song that’s atmospheric, and anyone that liked Crisis in Ephel Duath or in the mid-90s band Crisis, will definitely dig this.