Bernie Sanders likes the metal

Posted by on October 15, 2015

Who knew that Bernie Sanders was such a metal fan? Well, Fastcodesign did earlier this year when they re-imagined all of the Presidential candidates as black metal band logos. But since then, his take no prisoners, plain talk attitude has won him some supporters, like Ghost, who supported him. Their endorsement convinced someone to make a meme of Sanders denouncing Ghost, which our friend Zena posted about and in turn, convinced Metal Sucks to make their own. Funny? Arguably, but not as fun as Sirens, who made their own Sanders meme which shows the Democratic challenger getting his groove on to the band’s “Drones.”. We have yet to find out what Hillary Clinton’s thoughts on Sirens are, because Benghazi. Feel the Bern, indeed.

Bernie Sanders is really feeling Sirens Drone

Bernie is really feeling it. #FeelTheBern #Drone

Posted by Sirens on Thursday, October 15, 2015

[h/t Lorraine C.}

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