Christophe Szpajdel is one of the most renowned logo designers in the world, having made logos for the likes of Emperor, Old Man’s Child, Nachtmystium and Moonspell. In his mid-40s now, the UK artist has been designing band logos since the ’80s. While his design work won’t automatically make a band more interesting, blog Fastcodesign enlisted him to jazz up the boring and generic logos of the 2016 Presidential candidates. While the likelihood of any of the candidates deciding to court the metal audience is slim to none, all of the logos, especially Donald Trump’s, which is an elephant’s ass, are instant winners. It doesn’t matter who wins next year, because thanks to this piece, Metal Insider will be using their logo for the next four years whenever we bring you political coverage, which is admittedly, not that often. You can see the whole collection here.