Attila defends fans by fighting with security at recent Milwaukee show

Posted by on February 17, 2017

Attila recently kicked off their Let’s Get Abducted tour supporting their sixth studio album Chaos. A few dates in, they stopped at Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI last night (16) and it seemed to go well at first, including an enjoyable mosh pit. It was reported that their set was cut short due to one of the security guards getting aggressive towards a fan, resulting in a brawl with the band. However, suggests that they completed the set, included two encore tracks “Public Apology” and “Proving Grounds.” Online, the band reacted by stating “Sorry that the entire show ended with us fighting the security.” If the band waited until the very end of the show to get into it with security, it’s not like they cut the show short, but video does show the band getting into it with security.


The chaos started when the band noticed a security guard wrongfully fighting with one of their fans. Guitarist Chris Linck stopped performing and jumped into the crowd to fight the security guard and complete chaos soon followed. In the video below, you can see vocalist Chris Fronzak getting back onto the stage, screaming “fuck your security!”

The band publicly stood up for their fans, especially posting it on their Twitter such as “We will always stand up for our fans. If someone hurts you, we will jump off the stage & fight the shit out of them. Nobody hurts our fans.” The venue Turner Hall Ballroom nor the Pabst Theater Group has responded to what went down last night. There has been no further reporting from the security guard or any sign of the police getting involved.

All we know is, chaos happened:

This isn’t the first outburst we have seen from Attila. Just a few years ago, Lambgoat saw a few members almost getting in a fight in a restaurant in Atlanta. There was also that time when Fronzak thought the police were looking for him in Denver, their Twitter battle with Senses Fail, being accused of stealing music, and when Fronzak was assaulted on stage. So we’re not fully surprised that this happened but think it was nice of them sticking up for their fans.

Here’s what the band and Fronzak had to say:


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