Alice In Chains Subject Of Funny Or Die Skit

Posted by on April 3, 2013

In 2011, Pearl Jam released a documentary about the history of the band. Pearl Jam 20 was directed by Cameron Crowe. Perhaps to take the piss out of that film, Alice In Chains have premiered an 11-minute film on Funny or Die called Alice In Chains 23. While PJ20 is a documentary, AIC20 is more of a mockumentary, where filmmaker “Alan Poole McLard attempts to talk to people about what Alice In Chains means to them. He fails on every count to talk to the actual band (save a phone call), but the characters he does talk to, including “Unta Gleeben Glabben Globben” from the black metal band “Necrobotica” and blogger “Stanley Eisen,” have some input to offer, in fact, they even look a little like members of Alice In Chains. There are also a handful of actual celebrities interviewed, including members of Metallica, Mastodon, Heart, Soundgarden, Guns N’ Roses, and even Pearl Jam.

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