This Mother’s Day, give the gift of Grindmother

Posted by on May 6, 2016

grindmotherHere’s a nagging reminder from your friends at Metal Insider. This Sunday is mother’s day, so you should at least call the woman that gave birth to you and tell her you’re thinking about her. Even if she isn’t the signer of your metal band. Canadian grindcore act, The Grindmother are currently streaming their debut full-length Age of Destruction here, and here. The 67-year-old frontwoman (and mother of the band’s guitarist Rain Forest) inspired the band name. NPR has a short and sweet interview detailing how the band came together and their inspirations. It would be easy to dismiss something like this as a gimmick, but the music speaks for itself. Hell, this lady sounds better than a lot of vocalists in the genre, and at 67 years old, she’s got a hell of a lot of stuff that’s built up over the years worth screaming about. Give it a listen:


It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, so maybe grab a couple extra copies for your mom and grandma, too.


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