Update: Rayna Foss’ daughter issues statement assuring her mother’s not missing

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Kayla Rose, the daughter of ex-Coal Chamber bassist Rayna Foss and Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose, has issued a statement on Instagram assuring everyone her mother isn’t missing. The social media post arrived just one day after news circulated in metal outlets on a story that was initially posted nearly four months prior, on September 13, 2021 addressing the New Orleans police announcing a missing persons case on the former bassist by her group home manager, after being last seen on September, 7, 2021. The local station, Fox8, broke the original story from the NOPD, providing few details on her description as a 5’ 3”, 200lbs, and a 51-year-old female, leaving out any tattoos and further descriptions. At that time, the NOPD asked all to contact the seventh precinct for more information on Foss’ whereabouts. Fast forward to today (6th), the story that has since gone viral is now fluttered with confusion and relief as we are all happy to hear Foss is OK.


Read Rose’s statement below:

“To everyone that has reached out in some way and to the media that has been reporting on this: Let me set the record straight. I’ve seen all of the posts regarding that my mother Rayna has been missing since September. I have no idea where these stories are coming from. I spoke to my mother as recently as yesterday, and we have never lost contact. My grandparents have also been in contact with my mother, and we all know exactly where she is. I have a message in to the New Orleans Police Department advising them of this and am waiting for them to respond. I’ve also seen other stories about Dez – my mother’s old singer — and a feud with my father Morgan. These are also false. My dad and Dez are friends and have been for a long time. I’m confused where all of this started from, but it can stop now. Hopefully there won’t be a next time, but maybe someone can check before running these stories that end up disrupting my entire family in the future.”


Dez Fafara (Devil Driver/ Coal Chamber) shared Rose’s Instagram post via Twitter, stating:



Metal Insider has also reached out to the NOPD asking for clarity on why the case remains active considering Foss doesn’t appear to be missing at all. No response has been made at this time. While the story was picked up four months later out of good intentions to help find Foss, we do hope the NOPD will make a statement to address the confusion and apparent mishap.



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