The Ghost Inside drummer posts update from rehab

Posted by on April 20, 2016

Five months ago, almost to the day actually, the Ghost Inside were part of a fatal bus crash that killed their bus driver and the other driver involved. Their drummer Andrew Tkaczyk also lost his right leg. He’s been very open about his recovery process, giving updates from the hospital. Once we was released, he posted he was beginning to learn how to drum again. The band also even went so far as to confirm they’re playing Warped Tour 2017, which is an incredible sign they’re making progress. While they still have a long road ahead of them before they’re actually ready to play as a band again, the music industry is rallying around them, and the positive mental attitude the band is displaying is not only encouraging, but inspirational. Yesterday, Thaczyk took to his Instagram to update us once again:


If you think about it, this band really hasn’t missed a beat. Despite the accident, they’re working hard to come back and hit the ground running. We wish them the best!

via [The PRP]


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