The Ghost Inside give hospital update

Posted by on January 13, 2016

We all know that The Ghost Inside were involved in an awful accident back in November. The band’s bus driver and the driver of the tractor trailer that the band’s bus hit head-on were killed in the accident, and everyone in the band was seriously injured. A crowdfunding campaign was launched, with bands and fans donating over $150,000. Also, Epitaph is donating proceeds from sales of all of the band’s albums towards their hospital bills. The band are still recuperating, and will likely remain in the hospital for the time being. Several of the band’s members posted updates on their social media, and it looks like they’re recovering, albeit slowly. Earlier today, singer Jonathan Vigil made his first update to Twitter since before the accident.

Guitarist Zach Johnson has been on the mend as well, having just had his eighth surgery on Monday. He’s been posting pictures of his recovery since a few weeks after the accident, though:

Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk recently broke his silence a few weeks ago, posting a shot from his hospital bed on Instagram.

It seems like the band still has a long road ahead of them. the $150,000 they’ve raised from crowdfunding is impressive, but that wouldn’t even cover one of their hospital stays if they don’t have health insurance. Still, it’s gotta be nice for them to know that so many people are looking out for them.

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