sepultura2014Sepultura released their latest album The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart back in 2013 and the last bit of new music we heard was the fan-tribute track “Under My Skin” with those cringy lyrics released last year but if you’re craving for more Brazilian thrash, here’s some good news for you.

The Brazilian band shared an update regarding their follow up record and shared a set of pictures showing the band in songwriting mode, saying the following:

“February has been special. In addition to celebrating 20 years of “Roots“, we have started to write another chapter of our story with the compositions of a new album. We’ll send news about each new step. Stay tuned!”

Just as they said on their post,the album Roots was released exactly 20 years ago but, while the band haven’t announced anything regarding how they will commemorate the 1996 record, former frontman Max Cavalera did and actually are set to perform the album in its entirety during their next tour with Cavalera Conspiracy.

Max said the following during an interview earlier this month:

“Actually, this is twenty years of the ‘Roots’ album, so [Igor and I] are planning to play the whole ‘Roots’ record. I think we’re doing it in the States. Hopefully we’ll come to Europe as well, playing the whole record. And then I’m gonna work with him to try to work on some new tunes for a new CAVALERA [CONSPIRACY album]. I think this time we’re gonna actually use a real producer; I don’t know who yet.”

Let’s see who celebrates the album harder than the other, but we’re sure Max thinks he will considering what he thinks of Sepultura lately.

February has been really special. Besides the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Roots, we started writing another…

Posted by Sepultura on Wednesday, February 24, 2016