Sepultura wants to get under your skin

Posted by on June 10, 2015

sepultura2014After 30 years of being one of the biggest metal bands from Brazil, Sepultura decided to celebrate their anniversary by releasing a limited edition 7″ vinyl titled Sepultura Under My Skin which came out on June 5th, but they just released a new lyric video for everyone to enjoy.

The song was meant as a fan-appreciation tribute for the support throughout all these years and, to include the fans in a more active way, they requested fans with Sepultura tattoos to submit a picture of their skin art to incorporate it on the release and you can see the final result in the video below.

While the music sounds exactly like any other Sepultura song we have heard in the past 10 years, the lyrics are notably cringeworthy with a repeated chant of the band’s name and phrases like “We love what we do, With attitude and dedication” which only made me wonder if the rest of Derrick Green’s lyrics are as corny  as this one.

If, for whatever reason, you still feel like you need to own this vinyl and sing along the song at home to your parents, you can order it here.



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