Max Cavalera says Sepultura have “turned to shit”

Posted by on August 5, 2015

The never ending story comes back this year, and it comes with some really harsh criticism. Here’s an example: a few years ago, Soulfly’s frontman Max Cavalera talked about his former band Sepultura about the possibility of a reunion show if only guitarist Andreas Kisser could set aside “his greed,” then shifted the blame to bassist Paolo Jr., which ended up with the entire band responding to Cavalera’s comments as “fucking bullshit.” We can assure that since then, things haven’t been too smooth between the parties.

During a recent interview with Cavalera by Sticks for Stones, Cavalera was asked if he has listened to Sepultura’s music since his departure in 1997, to which he graciously replied:

I don’t give a shit about Sepultura or what they’re doing, you know I just heard from fans that people don’t like their albums and they’re shitty and the band’s just going down and down and I don’t know, I really can’t care, can’t care less what they’re doing. It don’t concern me at all, I’ve got my things going and for me it’s just so sad to see a band that was so important and special in the 90’s turn to shit like that so fast. But you know, whatever, that’s what they’re doing, but I got my things, I’ve got my things to do and you know I’m proud of what I did with them. We did great records and we did cool stuff and that’s there forever you know and I’ll leave it at that.

Seems like Max’s tone about Sepultura changes throughout the years and we will see a different response when the next interviewer brings up the, seemingly, mandatory question about his past band. Let’s see if Sepultura decides to responds to this comment and keep shutting down the door for an original lineup reunion.

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