Melvins’ Dale Crover pays tribute to Shirley Temple

Posted by on February 11, 2014

melvinsbeatlesAlthough many Melvins fans were unsurprised to hear earlier today upon the passing of former child star Shirley Temple Black that her daughter Lori “Lorax” Black played in the Melvins, it was a surprise to casual fans, as well as to many in the metal community. Several hours ago, the band’s Dale Crover paid tribute to Shirley via the band’s Facebook page, posting a picture of their onetime bassist with her mom and The Beatles with the following caption.

Here’s our old bass player Lori, her Mom and the Beatles!
Her Mom once played me a tape of her playing an amazing drum solo and told me I could tap dance since I was a drummer.

RIP Shirley! Condolences to you Lori, wherever you are!

While it’s a nice tribute, and a pretty cool story, it’s a little sad that the band haven’t heard from their bassist in so long. We’d definitely like to hear Shirley Temple’s drum solo though!

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