Shirley Temple’s daughter was in the Melvins [updated]

Posted by on February 11, 2014

Today the world is mourning  the loss of former child star Shirley Temple Black. More than just a drink with no alcohol in it, Shirley Temple helped America out of the Depression in the ’30s, appearing in over 20 films as a tap dancing moppet. It turns out, however, that her daughter Lori spent some time as the bassist of Melvins.

In 1987, when the band left Seattle and relocated to San Francisco, Black, known as “Lorax” Black, joined the band. Dating frontman Buzz Osborne at the time, she remained in the band until 1991, appearing on the band’s albums Ozma and Bullhead, after which she left the band. After Nirvana brought on the new gold rush of Seattle-area bands, Melvins were signed to Atlantic. Lori briefly rejoined the band and has credit on 1993’s Houdini, which was one of the band’s most popular albums. Buzz Osborne has claimed that although she’s credited on the album, she didn’t play on any of it.

According to her Wikipedia page, Black has since retired from music and has become a photographer. Below, listen to “Hooch,” which she might or might not have played on.

[update] Melvins drummer Dale Crover paid tribute to Shirley Temple Black on the band’s Facebook page.


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