Lamb of God have been messing with us for the last few days. Yesterday, they posted a cryptic video of someone that’s most likely Randy Blythe walking into a rehearsal studio with the Burn the Priest logo popping up. Today, the band unveiled a poster that looks like a flyer for a punk show. It states that there’s an all ages show with Burn the Priest taking place in Richmond on Friday at 10am. 

So Lamb of God are playing as Burn the Priest for a homeown show? Maybe, but there are a few things that are odd about that. First of all, no venue is announced, and secondly, it’s listed as taking place at 1oam. Maybe that means that tickets will go on sale for the show? Also of interest is that the opening band is listed as “Martha Splatterhead.” Old school crossover thrash fans might get the The Accused reference, as the band’s zombie mascot is Martha Splatterhead. Several of the band’s albums are named after her. However, The Accused are still together, so maybe Lamb of God and The Accused are playing under assumed names at a show to be announced on Friday? If The Accused are part of it, they’re not letting it on via their Facebook page like LoG are. Regardless, it looks like we’re only about a day and a half from finding out what this is all about.