My lord, when does Devin Townsend sleep? We ask because even while Hevy Devy tours under the Devin Townsend Project moniker, he still finds time to record multiple new projects. To be more exact, he still finds time to work on THREE new projects despite working his ass off in support of Deconstruction.

In a recent posting on his official forum (discovered by Heavy Blog Is Heavy), Townsend gave a brief overview of records he’s working on, including Epicloud, Ziltoid 2 and the new Casualties of Cool. Here’s what Hevy Devy revealed:

“I found as a reaction to the complications of decon and the sheer bulk of work thats been going on (seriously, it’s insane) my writing ended up going in 3 ways recently:

1) A very commercial sounding (for the most part) but beautiful and melencholic album full of easy to digest dev songs…Epicloud. I don’t know why it came out, but it did, so I’m going to get it out of my system

2) Casualties of Cool: a duo with myself and Che (Ki)… it sounds like haunted Johnny Cash songs. late night music, completely isolated sounding and different than anything I’ve done. Che sings most of the leads, and it’s probably the truest reflection of who I am in life at this point. Trying to release it in tandem with Epicloud.

3) Z2 epic epic epic, complicated, musical, sci-fi, immense expense, the goal of it all I suppose.”

Glad to hear that even he realizes how crazy his schedule is at the moment. And it’s really cool to hear that he’s working on new music with Che Aimee Dorval, who provided additional vocals to 2009’s Ki. However, the true Hevy Devy fanatic will likely ask “Wait, what happened to Ghost 2? Is that still happening?” Well, it looks like that’s on hold, as Townsend explained the following in the same post:

“Lost focus on Ghost 2, but mainly because I wanted to release it and everyone got their shit in a knot about it…so I’m trying to find a way to get it out for free, but that’s a bit dicey with folks too. I do understand why things need to be monetized, it’s expensive and everyone’s on salary and each month is a struggle, so box sets, dvds , vips etc are pretty important to the big picture. I still feel embarrassed about it all though and fully advocate not being obliged to buy it if you’re unsure… the bigger things get, you’d be surprised at how much control you need to give up just to stay musically creative…Once the dust settles a bit (a year?) I hope to be able to ‘give back’ a bit with free stuff and everything..”

Whether Ghost 2 comes out in the near future or not, though, it seems as though we’ll already be getting a heavy dose of Townsend within the next year or so. You can read Townsend’s entire forum post over at Heavy Blog Is Heavy.