We were surprised when Devin Townsend revealed that he had already started work on another new album a month prior to the releases of Deconstruction and Ghost. Well, now it looks like Hevy Devy already has TWO new albums already in the works.

Earlier today, Townsend posted a video of him and a few musicians who played on Ghost practicing for the special four night stand in London this November, where he will perform each album recorded under the Devin Townsend Project moniker on a single night. In the video, Townsend and the band are performing the song “Radial Highway,” a b-side that will apparently appear on the second volume of Ghost (the softer, more ambient sounding of the two new albums).

Townsend included the following in the video’s description:

“Here’s a late night jam with the band that plays ‘Ghost’, the fourth record of the dtp. In November, I am playing all 4 records back to back, and this rehearsal is the first one finished… Decon next. The four shows will be in London for dvd’s. I’m using different people right now, some from the records, some not…it’s a hell of a lot of work, but it’s off to a great start! Kat Epple on flute, Mike St-Jean on drums, Jean Savoie on Bass, and Dave Young on keys. Chrys Johnson plays second guitar, but he had to move. He’ll be in London. The song is ‘Radial Highway’ from the upcoming ‘Ghost 2’ btw…”

Considering that Townsend referred to the new material he was working on as Epicloud back in May, we’re going to take a wild guess and say Ghost 2 is a completely separate release. Whether Townsend plans to release these two new albums together in a similar way as Deconstruction and the first Ghost is uncertain. It’s also unclear as to whether or not other recorded songs left off the first Ghost album, such as “Drench” and “Fall,” will appear on the second volume as well.

Until more is revealed, enjoy the footage of Townsend and friends jamming on “Radial Highway” in the video above.