Devildriver has lined up Danzig, members of Fear, Lamb of God for country covers album

Posted by on May 2, 2017

We’ve been aware that DevilDriver is in the process of working on an album of country covers. It’ll be outlaw country, which is a genre that’s been mined by Phil Anselmo and his former bandmate Hank 3 before, and it seemed at the time that it had the potential to be a fun record. However, now that some of the guests have been named, it will almost definitely be a good time. Speaking to Metal Wani, frontman Dez Fafara has said the album will contain a host of guest appearances, including Glenn Danzig, Lamb of God’s Randall Blythe and Mark Morton, Fear’s Lee Ving, Johnny Cash’s son John Carter Cash, John 5 and maybe even Corey Taylor: 

So yeah, DevilDriver right now is taking 13 different artists, we’re doing a outlaw cover country record. We’ve got over 20 guests. Just to give you an example I’m singing “Ghost Riders In The Sky“. I worked at Johnny Cash‘s cabin outside of Memphis. I sang with John Carter Cash—Johnny Cash‘s son—and his wife. And now Randy from Lamb Of God is gonna jump on that song.

So now we’ll have me, John Carter Cash, Ana Cash and Randy from Lamb Of God on “Ghost Riders In The Sky“. Every single song has different guests. We’ll have Danzig. We’ll have Lee Ving from Fear. John 5 from Rob Zombie. Mark Morton from Lamb Of God. So many guests it’s hard to even mention.

But we really, once we started this project, we thought about maybe having one or two people. A lot of other metal musicians… I mean even Corey Taylor from Slipknot called us and said ‘Look I’d love to do this if I have the time’… It’s very relevant within heavy metal or even the softer metal, rock n’ roll bands, that they listen to these outlaw country artists, have respect for what they’ve done, and I do as well, very much so.”

The music is completely recorded. The vocals—I start vocals in twelve days. There’s a few other vocalists that have already done their sections. There’s also a few guitarists, that have like… Mark Morton has already done his solo, John 5 from Rob Zombie has already done his solo. So there’s a couple other stuff that’s done.

It’ll definitely be an interesting sounding album, and with outlaw country and punk blending pretty closely together, it’ll probably be a little heavier than what you might be expecting. 

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