danzig wackenThis past weekend’s Wacken Festival was filled with a lot memorable moments, both good and not so good. One of the better moments came when Randy Blythe joined Danzig onstage to sing the Misfits classic “Last Caress.”

The Lamb Of God singer shared the following about the onstage cameo via Instagram (including the picture above):

“Wacken Fest, Germany. Danzig killed it, plus he had Doyle from the Misfits playing Misfits tunes with him- I was side stage rocking out, then all of the sudden I got called out to sing ‘Last Caress’ with them in front of 80k fans. It was an INTENSE moment for me, as I am a HUGE Misfits freak since high school- I SANG the song the old school way, no screaming or metal voice crap- it was AWESOME. Hung out with Danzig & crew all night- more pictures later. Hails to the kings of horror punk! #yeswefuckingare138! #fiendforlife #misfits”

This isn’t the first time Blythe joined Danzig onstage (last time, though, it was for a Samhain cover), nor was it the first time he did an impromptu cover of the Misfits with another band. And while so far only lesser quality fan filmed footage has made its way online, it’s still pretty cool to see. Watch said fan filmed footage of Blythe joining Danzig and Doyle onstage at Wacken for “Last Caress” below.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″]http://youtu.be/vDMzd_trUIo[/youtube]