dave-lombardoIt’s been over one year since Dave Lombardo was unceremoniously dismissed from Slayer over financial issues. He’s reiterated that he isn’t coming back, and the band is moving on with Paul Bostaph in place. They’ve even released a new song, “Implode.” Yet the song seemed familiar to Lombardo – mainly because he’d already played on a version of it before. In fact, he knows what the entire album is going to sound like, according to a recent interview he did with Thrash Zone:

“I worked on all of the songs that are going to be on the new album with Kerry [King, guitar]. They’ve been working on that album… shit… for years now. ‘Implode’, their new radio hit, is basically the guitar tracks that were done during my session, but they’ve removed my drums and added Paul’s.”

That’s got to be kind of annoying for Lombardo. While he’s already familiar with the album, it’s not like they’re going to give him any writing credit. And from the recent round of interviews he’s done, it seems like he’d rather just wash his hands of the whole Slayer situation than pursue any legal action. Not to mention the fact that he’s never gotten songwriting credit. I’m sure he’ll enjoy listening to the album when it’s complete and compare the job Bostaph did with the original version. But how can he say “Implode” is a “radio hit?” Maybe on satellite radio.

[via Blabbermouth]