And Axl Rose’s favorite AC/DC song is…

Posted by on April 26, 2016

axllaxTMZ pays people to hang out at LAX and stalk celebrities, so chances are if you’re famous and you fly our of Los Angeles, there’s going to be someone or other following you and asking questions. The gossip site caught him on his scooter, with a several member entourage in tow, and asked him some questions about Coachella, his favorite song by AC/DC, and more. What’s most interesting about the 98-second clip is that Axl seems relatively approachable – friendly even.

Here’s what we get out of the clip:

  • He should be off the scooter (and possibly standing again onstage) in a few weeks.
  • His favorite AC/DC song is “Touch Too Much.”
  • Coachella went really good for the band, and the second week was more fun than the first because the crowd was more responsive.
  • He’s really sad about Prince and he was a big Prince fan.

That about does it for your daily Axl update. His European dates with AC/DC begin on May 7th in Lisbon, Portugal.

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