Axl Rose cancels ‘Kimmel’ appearance, Jimmy makes fun of him

Posted by on January 5, 2016


With the Guns N’ Roses reunion now officially happening, frontman Axl Rose was set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and talk about the reunion. In fact, his sister, in a now-deleted Tweet, urged her followers to tune into Kimmel, leading some to speculate that the band would actually be reuniting. However, late yesterday, it was announced that Axl’s appearance was canceled. “Due to unforeseen circumstances, unfortunately Axl is no longer scheduled to be on Kimmel tomorrow,” a source told the Los Angeles Times.

It’s not that newsworthy that an unpredictable frontman is still unpredictable after all these years, but hopefully that doesn’t bode ill for the reunion as a whole. Kimmel, of course, took the whole thing in stride, poking fun at Rose on last night’s show. “Axl Rose was supposed to be here tomorrow, but he will not be here tomorrow, for reasons known only to Axl Rose,” he said. “Or maybe he will be here and he’s just trying to keep us guessing. I don’t know.” It’d be interesting to see Axl actually show up. Knowing how late Rose usually shows up, maybe he’ll wind up on Nightline after Kimmel’s show is over.


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