Alleged audio of Axl Rose-fronted AC/DC surfaces

Posted by on May 2, 2016

axlroseIt’s more than fair to say that people are losing their shit over Axl Rose fronting AC/DC. Some are happy, a lot pissed, and poor Brian Johnson is left on the sidelines. Regardless on how you personally feel about it, start accepting that it’s happening. Video was released today of Axl Rose practicing with the band, and by video, we mean that a group of fans was were obsessed enough to figure out where the rehearsal was taking, and recorded the sound pouring out into the street. It sounds like “Shoot to Thrill” and “Thunderstruck” are being played with Axl singing. And damn, it sounds good. This is all just alleged, and the sound quality is questionable at best, but damned if it doesn’t sound like Axl doing AC/DC justice.

via [Blabbermouth]

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