Alice Cooper is psyched about Axl and AC/DC

Posted by on April 18, 2016

Alice-Cooper-03Axl/DC? Is that what they’re calling it? At any rate, one of the worst-kept secrets and most unlikely reunions that we’d heard actually came true this weekend when it was announced that Axl Rose would be playing with AC/DC for the band’s final 10 rescheduled shows. Is it an abomination of music, the hottest ticket in town, or both? Fans got a chance to see a little of what it might look like when Guns N’Roses brought out Angus Young at Coachella to play a few songs. And there’s at least one high-profile rock star that’s excited to see it happen – Alice Cooper. Speaking to Rolling Stone, he said he initially thought it might be an April Fool’s joke, as did many.

Then I started thinking about it and said, ‘You know, his voice is absolutely perfect for that band. That might just work… I just think that’s such a unique combination. Whoever has tickets to that show has got the golden ticket, because who doesn’t want to see that?”

There are actually probably quite a few that don’t want to see Axl fronting AC/DC. Judging from the band’s cold, clinical statement, it doesn’t seem like Johnson’s about to be welcomed back to the band. There are countless AC/DC fans that warmed up to him following the death of Bon Scott, but bringing on a third singer when the second is still alive and, according to some, capable, might be seen as a cruel, cynical move by some. But Cooper is right – we’d want to see it regardless.

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