According to some sources gathered by Billboard, all the rumors and hints about Guns N’ Roses reuniting with the classic lineup are true and will include playing Coachella 2016 this spring.

In the same report, Billboard says the band are planning a 25 date tour across North America, including being the first band to play at the new Vegas Arena (opening April 6th) and with ticket sales topping out at around $250 per ticket, as the band seems to be asking for $3M per show.

The rumors started a while ago when founding member Slash opened up the possibility of playing together with Axl Rose if things were right. Starting on Christmas Day, the band ramped up the speculation, with the band’s website updating to a new layout showing the classic logo; and a brief teaser of an eager crowd with GN’R music playing during the screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

If you think about it, all of this makes sense, particularly the band playing together for the first time in Coachella as the festival has the pull, and the money, to afford and ignite such event. What’s not clear about this is who are we going to see on this reunion? So far, the ones who have been talking about it have been Axl, Slash and possibly Duff McKagan but there’s no mention about Izzy Stradlin or Steven Adler. All that points out to the previous rumors of having Frank Ferrer and Richard Fortus, who are currently in Axl’s iteration of the band, filling their spots instead as true, which would make this some sort of hybrid revival between classic and new era lineups.

If all these was true, would you go see the band, even at that price and possibly not getting ALL the original members?