June New York City music festival The Governer’s Ball had a pretty mainstream/indie-rock lineup – until today. Guns N’ Roses has joined the lineup of the festival, taking place on Randall’s Island on June 7th-9th. They join the likes of Kanye West, Kings of Leon, Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, Kendrick Lamar and many others. In fact, there are almost no other straight-ahead rock bands on the fest, unless you consider Kings of Leon and Dinosaur Jr. mainstream rock bands.

Essentially, Guns N’ Roses’ appearance on the festival will serve as a reason for hipsters to gawk at Axl Rose and see a band that they would never otherwise pay to see. It could be an education in arena rock for the uninitiated though, since Axl and whoever he’s playing with these days still put on a great live show. However, that’s all dependent on which Axl Rose shows up – or even IF Axl Rose shows up. At least Kanye West won’t be the biggest superstar diva at the festival. This will mark the band’s biggest U.S. show in quite a while. Their last major shows were the residency they played at the 4,000-capacity Joint in Las Vegas.

Tickets are available on the fest’s website.