Axl Rose photographed outside of rehearsal studio with AC/DC… let the rumors escalate!

Posted by on March 28, 2016

axlWell… it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the rumors. First, it was an Atlanta radio host claiming that AC/DC had tapped Axl Rose to fill in for Brian Johnson on the remaining ten North American shows. Then an AC/DC rep could neither confirm nor deny that the Guns N’ Roses frontman was stepping in. And then Angus Young’s nephew supposedly straight out said it was true. But for those who still are skeptical… there are now photos that make previously hard to believe rumors even more likely.

TMZ obtained photos that appear to show Axl Rose and AC/DC coming out of the same Atlanta rehearsal studio. Supposedly these photos seen below were taken from this past Friday. Granted, who knows how authentic these photos really are… but the bulky guy in one of those photos does look a hell of a lot like Axl Rose (although to be honest, the photo that claims to spot Angus Young does look an awful lot like Stevie Young, who has been filling in for his uncle Malcolm on guitar).

AC/DC have still not confirmed who will be filling in for Johnson on the road… just like how Guns N’ Roses has yet to confirm specific dates, venues and even an actual lineup for their own reunion tour. If these rumors really are true, we can’t imagine that Axl will be fronting AC/DC for more than the aforementioned tour. Then again, we never imagined that Axl Rose would even be touring with AC/DC at all, let alone during the same year he ACTUALLY reunites with Slash.

While we wait for the next batch of updates, check out the pictures of Axl and members of AC/DC supposedly leaving the same rehearsal space below.



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