Soulfly performing all of Nailbomb’s ‘Point Blank’ on tour

Posted by on April 3, 2017

Since leaving Sepultura in 1996, Max Cavalera has certainly kept himself busy. In fact, he’s released ten Soulfly albums since then. He’s also released three Cavalera Conspiracy albums and played with Killer Be Killed. However, back when he was in Sepultura, he had a side project, Nailbomb, with Fudge Tunnel guitarist Alex Newport that released 1994’s Point Blank before disbanding. However, in the wake of the tour with his brother Iggor as Max and Iggor Cavalera Return to Roots, which found him playing all of Sepultura’s Roots album, he’s announced that he’s going to be playing all of Point Blank live as well.

While Newport won’t be involved, it will instead be done with the current Soulfly lineup. The band stated on Facebook that they wish Newport would be able to be involved, but scheduling conflicts prevent him from joining. Given that the whole album is only a little over 50 minutes minus the blank space before a bonus track, it’s safe to say that we can expect some Soulfly songs as an encore. In fact, the band state as much, saying that the tour is “simply for those who enjoy the music of Nailbomb and have been requesting it for years.”

The tour dates have yet to be announced, as do the openers. 

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